There is no better way to bring inspiration to the world than through the stories of those who have experienced unbelievable challenges and transformed those challenges into life lessons that they've ultimately turned into opportunities. The authors of this book are living proof that when you live in resistance, you're limiting the possibility of achieving your dreams. When you live in resistance, you're more likely to feel stressed, depressed, and overwhelmed unable to embrace your authentic gifts, talents and purpose. You'll never feel truly vibrant, energetic and alive.

Conversely, when you stand in your resilience, you open yourself up to endless possibilities! You're able to face adversity with courage, strength and conviction. You live your life unapologetically - confident and grounded in who you are.

You are powerful beyond measure and can accomplish amazing things! To be your best, you must shift from being resistant to being resilient.

The amazing authors of this book have come together to share their incredible stories with you. They share jaw dropping, gut wrenching experiences that will shock and astound you. Their heartfelt, raw and real stories will bring tears to your eyes; they will touch your heart and stir your soul. You will be in awe of the amazing courage they have.

It is through their stories that they hope to inspire you to shift beyond resistance to a life where you are truly resilient!

Your Shift Matters Resistance to Resilience

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